True Easter Holidays

Good morning to everyone in the family and happy weekend l wish you all.Today begins the Easter holiday in the Region of Berlin, Germany. This is a holiday questioned here by many who don’t believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They claim that nothing existed as the resurrection and that the early christians pushed it in to boost the western economic system, for instance, with the Easter eggs, the Easter rabbits businesses.This ideology had almost won over me as l question daily in my meditation: if the good Muslims, buddies, African Religion believers, like good christians can go to heaven, does it cost a dime to take the time to be a christian?Why should one waste time fasting, reading the Bible, praying when one can just be a good African Religion believers, doing good to others in preparation for heaven or the ancestral world?This question and many are answered if we really understand the true meaning of Easter as we go on holiday for the celebration. What is important: is it the Christ, or his dead and resurrection? Or is it the life after the resurrection? There can never be the 2 without the 1+1=2. Implying there couldn’t have been the life after the resurrection without Christ’s dead and the resurrection. If we celebrate today the life of Easter during the Easter holiday, it is because there must have been a historical event that prompted the designation of a holiday for that event. In the mind of the Christian, it is the Christ, his dead and his resurrection, an event that can never or will ever take place again in the history of time. It is a point in time in the lives of christians. This point in time to every christian is the moment you said no to the world and embraced Christ through the water of baptism. The decision to be baptized means a decision whereby the baptized says: ” Jesus l accept you as the Christ; l want to follow you through your teachings and l want to live you in the mystery of the Easter. This decision has no alternative. It is what it is, not what it may be.Celebrating Easter therefore means accepting Christ and journeying with him in the pains of calvery and celebrating with him in the new life of resurrection.But what about the other religions who don’t believe in Christ? Are they refused heaven? The answer is certainly no. Christ did not exclude them from his kingdom. Indeed in his last massage or instruction to his apostles he mandated them to pray not only for those listening and following them but also those for who have not believed in the word, so that when the moment come they will believe and accept Christ as the Lord and messiah. By this Christ called to himself, those who, for one reason or the other, find it hard to believe in him but who at the same time, take time to understand what they are still to believe. It is therefore wrong to think that those who are not yet christians are to be excluded from the community of believers. Faith is a process and when the time comes they will all listen to the call and answer it. As for the time no one can tell.Brother John Meyanwi.



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