Political Reflection

A legal crime an immoral and illogical action.

International law, and morality and logic are two different things. International law is founded on customs, conventions or treaties and judicial opinions by legal experts and scholars. Logic and morality on the other hand are perceptions of what aught to be sensible, good and just, which might not necessarily be legal. European international legality created states in Africa and other parts of the world without the acquiescence of the people of those territories, however this might seem illogical and immoral but it is legal. That some European countries met in Berlin in 1884-1885 to partition the African continent into territories constitutes international legality. That these same powers met in Versailles in 1919 to abrogate the previous international legality agreed...

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Can there be peace without Justice. By Rev. Friar Charles Lwanga Augustino Maria of the Cross. ( Mola Charles Lyonga La Matute). Religious, philosopher, poet, jurist and political scientist. Justice delayed is justice denied, there can be no justice with out truth. You cannot be praying for peace and at the same time reasoning with the oppressor. A law of limitation allows room for a case to be prosecuted within a limited period of time. Failing to prosecute within the said time will amount to the right to prosecute expiring. Many people have asked me why do I go condemning the atrocities committed against my people rather than praying as a man of God. My answer will be found...

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